Aussie Heritage Restoration Compendium. e Book

Aussie Heritage Restoration Compendium. e Book


This exciting Heritage Restoration Compendium is a go-to resource for Aussie heritage restoration. The Compendium is a collaborative effort by Julian Brenchley, Ian Evans and Ian Stapleton.

The structure of the compendium is very simple and aimed solely at demystifying heritage restoration.

The compendium consists of a list of the Golden Rules for Heritage Restoration which is a ‘big picture’ commentary on the main considerations and issues for restoration projects, followed by Ian Stapleton’s How to Restore the Old Aussie House, and Ian Evan’s The Federation House a Restoration Guide.

Go forth and restore with moderation:

“When every blessed thing we hold, Is made of silver or gold. We long for simple pewter”

[Gilbert as quoted by Walter Butler 1902]

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