Single Origin Roasters, The Big O

Last year Brenchley Architects were invited to design the Commercial interiors of the new Single Origin Roasters HQ in Botany. Not a single staff member here can hide from our good coffee addiction or our passion for sustainability, the response was a resounding yes yes yes ! It also was a project that Brenchley Architects was keen to get their teeth into as it had all the elements that would allow creativity, with the demand of tight technical specifications.

The use of pallets that were already in the possession of SOR and other elements that could be repurposed allowed the build to embrace the ideaology of SOR, all needing to be be corralled in to the highly technical build seemlessly, as strict criteria in both Architectural and food services meant certification depended on it. The look is very relaxed. almost looking thrown togther however its a seemless puzzle where worlds collided as the interiors were created to enschew the ideals of ethical, raw and industrial, the interiors were as refreshing as a good cup of cold dip Ethiopean first thing in the morning!

To see more images from this project head over to Projects: The Big O

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