John Lautner's Foster Carling house for sale....who wants to chip in and timeshare?

One of John Lautner’s best-known residences is for sale, and we are all a little excited about this at Brenchley Architects, we figure if we can get 3000 people to chip in a grand each we might be in the running!

The Foster Carling residence, built in 1947 (and remodeled by Lautner in 1991) using the same suspended roof scheme as two other Lautner designs (Poling and Jacobsen), also features a wall that opens outward with the flip of a switch, taking the built-in seating from inside the living area to the outside deck.

For more information on the house and the sale terms, go to the Modern Living LA website. The site contains several excellent photographs.

Head over to the sight for more details, prepare to drool!

And for more of Lautner's work head over to the projects site.

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