Its a bit like lego for Architects!

The excitement level at Brenchley Architects this week, is super high, as we have been working on a project that is aking to lego for grown ups! The sketch pictured is for a proposed commercial fitoutin an existing high bay warehouse using shipping containers, stacked and transversing in to walkways and voids that create a useable, and ultimately low impact and removable space. The brief required a flexible creative space for sole traders and small businesses to use and collaborate with like minded people. A bit like a behive, you want social interation, but space to get on with your own job, and contracting spatial requirements are catered for by virtue of interconnecting containers. If in the future the space is to be vacated the shipping containers can be loaded up on trucks and relocated.

We have gone into production for this site and the palpable excitemnet is rather like small children with a new dolls house and lego on Christmas morning.


#recycledcontainers #commercialinteriors #architectssydney #julianbrenchley #futurearchitects #sustainability #thefutureofarchitecture

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