New little buzzing boxes on a hillside.

While kicking back and enjoying his summer break, principal Architect at Brenchley Architects, Julian Brenchley, set about putting his newly learnt skills in bee keeping into practice. Creating an apiary and an eco system that supports the native environment along with building sustainable long term comunities on a macro and micro level, is what this practice is all about, so he took his young son withhim! Building new hives and setting up the space for the new hive to go forth and prosper was a complete joy, but I think we are all looking forward to the spoils of bee keeping, liquid gold!

 Hive in landscape websized.jpg
bee en masse websized.jpg
Hive starter.jpg
 bees Archie Websized _edited.jpg

#brenchleyarchitects #julianbrenchley #bees #sustainability #thefutureofarchitecture #residentialmidrise

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