2016 is looking up at Bay 9

Nestled in a row of warehouses on the northern flank of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bay 9 is part of Lavender Bays dynamic Middlemiss community. A century-old concrete part of the Harbour Bridge structure with walls drenched in natural sunlight by dramatic floor to ceiling steel and glass windows.

This development at Bay 9 will be a selection of chic, self-contained work pods, shared offices and conference rooms all spanning three levels. On the ground floor there will be an expansive mixed-use zone for wellness and leisure activities or an exhibition and demonstration space.

The warehouse had been re-imagined by architect Julian Brenchley to preserve it's raw, industrial heritage whilst creating a highly functional, beautifully appointed, creative environment, and this week we were excited to see the adaptive reuse features coming into play, that not only protect the original structure but create a user friendly space to work and play for the community on the Lower North shore.

The use of containers in both the Bay 9 project and The Bay Ten Espresso next ddor, again by Brenchley Architects, playing true to the industrial heritage of the space, In Bay ten the interiors are raw and recycled and the transformation is both indutrial but comfortable, and the claange of a new development in the adjacent space is exciting.

Working in heritage spaces is a privilege,” reflected Brenchley Architects director, Julian Brenchley, while working on Bay Ten. “Essentially we are custodians of environmental heritage which is no less important and is often overlooked, lost or damaged by poor decisions. Bay Ten Espresso is such a unique space; there is nothing like it anywhere. All the historic infrastructure in and around the Harbour Bridge is remarkable in scale and has an industrial-engineered character.”

Like wise as the lift shaft and structure moving into place we are excited to see new life breathed into Lavender Bay's community and landscape.

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