Drawing Reality from Imagination

Trust that little voice in your head that says "Wouldn't it be interesting if..." And then do it. ~Duane Michals

We love it when the buildings take shape like they have lept out of the original drawings. So this week when Julian Brenchley Stopped by Bay 9 in Middlemiss Street in North Sydney he was met with the 3D reality of what he had drawn onto yellow trace this ime last year.

Bay 9 is the second development that Brenchley Architects has been involved with in Middlemiss Street, Teh now very popular Bay ten Espresso, is a hub that houses a body mechanics and offices all in a historical arch under the span of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bay 9 is inspired by the century-old concrete walls drenched in natural sunlight by dramatic floor to ceiling steel and glass windows. Bay 9 will house a selection of chic, self-contained work pods, shared offices and conference rooms all spanning three levels. The ground floor will house an expansive mixed-use zone for wellness and leisure activities or an exhibition and demonstration space. The warehouse had been re-imagined by architect Julian Brenchley to preserve it's raw, industrial heritage whilst creating a highly functional, beautifully appointed, creative environment.

See the drawing board picture below, and heres the shot from this week....... looks like Bay 9 may need a cheeky little red duck and a little bit of greenery!

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